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Corvette Tire, 7.75 X 15, With 5/8" Whitewall, Fireston

  • Reproduction Of Original
Install a new set of vintage reproduction tires on your classic Corvette for the crowning touch to a great restoration

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A new set of reproduction Firestone bias ply tires from Eckler's on your Corvette will achieve the correct period look you want besides adding value and authenticity to your restoration.

As you may know, Firestone has been a leading original equipment tire supplier for more than a century, but they no longer make bias ply tires

Fortunately for us in the Corvette restoration hobby, Firestone vintage tires are still available from specialty tire companies using original Firestone molds, which represent the most recognized tread designs in automotive history

In addition, because of modern technology, these reproduction Firestone tires are safer and more reliable than their predecessors were