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Addon 50M Mpo (Male) To Mpo (Male) 12-Strand Aqua Om4 Crossover Plenum-Rated Fiber Patch Cable - 100% Compatible And Guaranteed To Work In Om4 And Om3 Applications

This is a 50m MPO (male) to MPO (male) 12-strand aqua crossover plenum-rated fiber patch cable

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An OM4 cable has a core size of 50 micro m microns that supports 10 Gigabit Ethernet at lengths measuring up to 550 meters, and 100 Gigabit Ethernet measuring up to 150 meters and is reverse compatible with OM3

Our patch cables are 100 compliant for all of your networking needs

Our products are guaranteed by federal law to not affect or void OEM warranties. /p

Plenum-rated cables must self-extinguish and prevent re-ignition

This plenum-rated cable is the only cable allowed in spaces defined as air plenum-rateds, such as raised flooring systems and air handling ducts