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Nibco Mb597Af, S51Tb-V Bleach Ball Valve, Socket, Schedule 80, Fkm

NIBCO, MB597AF, S51TB-V, Bleach Ball Valve - Model C, Socket, Tru-Bloc® True Union, Vented Ball, Corzan® CPVC Schedule 80, FKM, 3" The Chemtrol® Tru-Bloc® True Union bleach ball valve is a viable solution for sodium hypochlorite transfer and injection applications

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All inner surfaces of the Tru-Bloc reg bleach valve are kept constantly wetted and vented to the upstream side when the valve is in the closed position, eliminating the conditions required for gas accumulation and caustic crystallization in the body cavity

Chemtrol Corzan reg CPVC valves are lightweight, easy to install, maintenance-free and will not rust, scale, pit or corrode

Choose Chemtrol reg valves for the most reliable, versatile and economical valve option in commercial and industrial applications

Corzan reg CPVC Schedule 80 thermoplastics demonstrate excellent mechanical strength over broad temperature range, outstanding underground performance and superior hydraulics

Features Valve pressure rating 150 psi at 73 deg F water non-shock full-port Full port True Bloc reg design Vented ball FKM O-ring Socket end connections Orange handle Do not use or test with compressed air or other gases ASTM F1970 NSF/ANSI Standard 14 NSF/ANSI Standard 61, Annex G

The Tru-Bloc reg valve is engineered with a self-adjusting seat and upstream and downstream blocking capability to stop flow when an alternate union is removed for servicing the piping system

The valve can be easily joined with the socket end connections

The valve's injection molded CPVC construction with FKM O-ring is ideal for use in water treatment, aquatic centers, and paper and textile applications

The vented ball effectively vents sodium hypochlorite out-gassing to the pressure port